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Why Are Patches Superior To Tablets?

The majority of people take their vitamin supplements in pills or capsules

A Transdermal Patch or Concentrated Liquid is a more effective way to take in nutritonal/vitamin and health supplements to improve your overall health and well being.

How Patches Work

When you swallow a vitamin tablet it goes into your stomach where it is instantly attacked by a potent mix of intestinal acids that can dilute the vitamin dose by up to 90%! A transdermal patch is absorbed directly into your bloodstream which means a smaller dose can be far more effective...

Liquid Supplements to Live Your Best Life!

Our once-daily Get Up and Shine Liquid and our evening Rest and Repair liquid formulas provide everything a busy woman needs live her best life - packed full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and natural remedies they'll nourish your skin, keep you bones strong, repair and improve your gut and relieve anxiety and stress

Say NO to Pills, Capsules & Gummies

Live to Shine Liquids and Patches have been designed for maximum absorption - make sure you get the full benefit of the supplements you take - don't watch them and your money flush away!

With our Liquids and Patches you get up to 98% absorption

Support your health and wellness.

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